About Demo4Grid

Europe’s largest Pressurized Alkaline Electrolyser (PAE) will be built in Völs near Innsbruck for the Demonstration of Grid Services and the production of Green Hydrogen for industrial purposes

Within the framework of the Demo4Grid project Europe’s largest single stack electrolyser plant will be build and tested at the Mpreis site in Völs near Innsbruck. The electrolyser should regulate the electricity network of the regional electricity supplier TIWAG and heat the Therese Mölk Bakery of the regional food producer and trader MPreis with green hydrogen. The Green Energy Center Europe in Innsbruck is the catalyst and regional dissemination point for this important project.The protagonists and European project partners are working responsibly together over a 5 years project time.
Green hydrogen from regional resources for industrial heating and mobility is the overall topic of the project. The deeper aim is the commercial setup and demonstration of a technical solution utilizing “above state of the art” Pressurized Alkaline Electrolyser (PAE) technology for providing grid balancing services in real operational and market conditions. In order to validate existing significant differences in local market and grid requirements Demo4Grid has chosen to setup a demonstration site in Austria to demonstrate a viable business case for the operation of a large scale electrolyser adapted to specific local conditions that will be found throughout Europe. To achieve that, Demo4Grid will demonstrate at this demo site with particular needs for hydrogen:

  1. a technical solution to meet all core requirements for providing grid balancing services with a large scale PAE in direct cooperation with grid operators,
  2. a market based solution to provide value added services and revenues for the operation strategy to achieve commercial success providing grid services and those profits obtained also from the hydrogen application. 
  3. Aiming at the exploitation of the results after the project ends, Demo4Grid will assess the replicability and viability of various business cases Demo4Grid will be the decisive demonstration stage of previous FCH-JU projects related to the PAE addressed in this proposal.

The first project ELYGRID (finished) and the following one ELYntegration (still ongoing) have provided promising results on the development of PAE to provide grid services operating under dynamic profiles (significant results will be shown in this proposal).

The following Info Corner gives an overview about all the hydrogen oriented activities surround the Demo4Grid project, wich are contributed by the project partners from Brussels, Swizzerland, Greece, Spain and Austria/Tyrol. The Green Energy Center Europe in Innsbruck is the main dissemination point for this activities.

Info corner

Perwög Ewald


MPREIS investiert in zukunftsweisende Wasserstofftechnologie



Presentation of the Demo4Grid project at the FCH JU – Programme Review Days 2019 in Brussels


EU Projekt Demo4Grid, in dem mit einer Elektrolyseanlage Wasser in Sauerstoff und Wasserstoff gespalten wird, sorgt für Diskussionen in Völs


Hydrogen for MPREIS provides a topic for discussions in the Community of Völs near Innsbruck …

Boban Filip


Diplomarbeit zum Thema “Umwelt- und anlagenrechtliche Aspekte für die Genehmigung der Wasserstoff-Infrastruktur”

Green Energy Center

Fleischhacker Ernst


Erste Serie von Hyundai Fuel Cell Trucks für die Schweiz, Europa und auch für Österreich?

Green Energy Center


Zeitschrift Trend Wirtschaft: “Wasserstoff-Wechsel”


TIWAG präsentiert “POWER2X-Zentrum” mit Wasserstoffproduktions- und Betankungsanlage in Kufstein/Langkampfen


Bergauf mit Wasserstoff für die Zillertalbahn 2020 +, Begegnung mit Bundeskanzler Sebastian Kurz


MPREIS plant eine eigene Elektrolyseanlage, um mit dem selbst produzierten Wasserstoff die Öfen der Bäckerei zu heizen und die LKW-Flotte zu betanken


Info Workshops zum Thema Wasserstoff mit H2-Interessentenfahrten, Mi 1. Mai bis Mo 6. Mai 2019


Two graduate classes of the HTL Innsbruck visited the Green Energy Center Europe


MPreis will convert its entire truck fleet to Fuel Cell Electric Trucks


A new person oriented Steering Committee is responsible for the strategic development of the Green Energy Center Europe


Zillertal’s Hydrogen-Powered Narrow-Gauge Railway Receives Ö3 Transport Award


E-MOBILITÄT.JETZT-KONFERENZ 2018 in Wien E-LKW’s und E-Busse im täglichen Einsatz


Europe’s largest Single-Stack-Electrolyser for regulating the electricity grid and producing green hydrogen for the food retailer


HyWest Consortium: Bundled competence for a green future with hydrogen


Europas größte Single-Stack­-Elektrolyseanlage in Völs


Zweiter Turnus der Berufsfeuerwehr Innsbruck absolvierte die erste Ausbildungsstufe zur Elektromobilität

Compressor Station

Compressor for the Hydrogen Refueling Stations 350 bar for FCE Trucks 700 bar for FCE Vehicles

FCE Trucks

First Fuel Cell Electric Trucks from Hyundai, expected by mid of 2020

Hydropower Plants

Hydropower Plants of the regional power supply company TIWAG

Fuel Cell Stack

Fuel Cell Stack für a Hyundai Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (ix35 FCEV)

IHT Electrolyser

Pressurized Alkaline Electrolyser (PAE) for the production of approx.1,5 to Green Hydrogen per day

MPreis Enterprise

Therese Mölk Bakery of the regional food producer and trader MPreis

Hydrogen Storage

Storage for pressurized Hydrogen

Power Grid and Transformer

Power Grid and Transformer Station of TIWAG/TINET


Hydrogen Refueling Station 350 bar for FCE Trucks 700 bar for FCE Vehicles

Project reference:

FCH-02-7-2016 Demonstration of large-scale rapid response electrolysis to provide grid balancing services and to supply hydrogen markets

Project type:

Start date:
Wednesday, March 1, 2017

End date:
Monday, February 28, 2022

60 months

Project cost:
7,736,682.50 €

Project funding:
2,932,554.38 €


IHT Industrie Haute Technologie, FHa Fundación para el Desarrollo de las Nuevas Tecnologías del Hidrógeno en Aragón, MPREIS Warenvertriebs GmbH, FEN Sustain Systems GmbH, INYCOM Instrumentacion y Components SA