Demonstration for Grid Services
Production of Green Hydrogen
Greening of Industry

The main aim of this project is the commercial setup and demonstration of a technical solution using the Pressurized Alkaline Electrolyser (PAE) technology for providing grid balancing services under real operational and market conditions and the production of Green Hydrogen for industrial energy services.


Within the framework of the EU project Demonstration for Grid Services, europeans largest single-stack alkaline-pressure electrolysis plant will be set up and tested in Tyrol to regulate the regional electricity network, generate green hydrogen and supply foodstuffs with CO2-free energy.

Green Hydrogen

The 21st century is dedicated to the energy revolution.
The European Union wants a 27% reduction in CO
2 emissions by the year 2030. Imported energy, such as oil, coal and gas should be gradually replaced by solar energy, hydropower and wind power. 
However, this leads to a partial overloading of the power grids.
Green hydrogen is the solution to this problem.

Greening of Indusrtry

The plant, which is to be supplied by IHT from Switzerland, is being implemented in Völs, near Innsbruck by MPreis, a regional food producer and trader. The Green Energy Center Europe in Innsbruck, is the catalyst for this project, financed by the EU and Switzerland, in which the targets will be hit in the green energy future.
Over the next five years, the protagonists and European project partners will work responsibly and jointly to make regional resources available for the heat supply and mobility of tomorrow.