Demo4Grid groundbreaking ceremony took place on the property of MPREIS in Völs near Innsbruck

The groundbreaking ceremony for the innovative MPREIS hydrogen project took place on March 12th, 2020, on the property of the Therese Mölk bakery in Völs near Innsbruck in the presence of high level representatives of the company MPREIS, politics, business, Demo4Grid project consortium and press. In the future, in Völs green hydrogen will be produced utilizing green electricity, which will be used initially for test-based power supply control by TIWAG within the EU project Demo4Grid and for CO2-neutral heating of the bakery. Subsequently, green hydrogen serves as fuel for fuel cell vehicles. In the long term, MPREIS will convert all trucks to hydrogen and will deliver its goods through the environmentally friendly fleet in an emissions-free and CO2-neutral manner.
In the project implementation MPREIS cooperates with regional and international partners. The strategy and project development is carried out together with FEN Systems based in the Green Energy Center Europe in Innsbruck, being also partner of MPREIS in the EU project Demo4Grid. Electricity and grid services are provided by the regional supplier TIWAG. For the technical implementation, the international engineering consultant ILF based in Rum near Innsbruck is involved. The electrolysis technology is developed by the Swiss company IHT (Industrie Haute Technologie S.A.). Further international partners are DIAD (Diadikasia Business Consultants S.A.) – Greece, FHA (Fundación Hidrógeno Aragón) and INYCOM (Instrumentación y Componentes S.A.) – both Spain.
The current investment volume for the high-end innovation project, which is also the spearhead of an emerging hydrogen economy in the region, is 13 million euros. Financial support for the project comes from the EU (FCHJU-funding), the Swiss state and Kommunalkredit Austria. Active support comes from the policy of the federal region of Tyrol, the community of Völs and from the numerous administrative bodies, which provided the corresponding permits in the 3-year development process of the absolutely pioneering project.